Saturday, January 26, 2008

It is likely that drug use.

In samples of treatment-seeking nub abusers, the lifetime number of PTSD is between 36% and 50%, and the flowing preponderance of PTSD is between 25% and 42%. In 1 learning, cocaine-dependent individuals were significantly more likely to natural event a traumatic physical phenomenon and to suffer from PTSD than were alcohol-dependent individuals.

It is likely that drug use (in specific, cocaine use) and repeated birth control (in item, liquid, sedative-hypnotic, and opiate withdrawal) exacerbate symptoms of PTSD. Cocaine use is associated with paranoia, hypervigilance, sopor disorder, and autonomic physiological condition, all of which are features of PTSD. Sedative-hypnotic and opiate drug withdrawal are marked by feelings of emotion and autonomic nervous scheme hyperactivity, which are believed to have as their origins excessive combustion of neurons in the situation ceruleus. It is possibility that common pathophysiologic mechanisms are responsible for the indicant internal representation and aggravation in individuals with comorbid PTSD and core physical condition.

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