Friday, February 15, 2008

Marijuana-induced Transient Global Amnesia.

Our thorough examination of the medical written material using the National Program library of Medicine's MEDLINE database failed to reveal a I case of traveler global amnesia (TGA) from acute marijuana poisoning in a creature individual. Lack of humanities of illicit drug use can pose a diagnostic inquiring in the governing body of patients with altered mental condition. Once the organic and metabolic causes of altered mental position such as intracranial hemorrhage, mass, hypoglycemia, sepsis, and thyrotoxicosis have been ruled out, drunkenness from potable and drugs should be considered. Cocaine or amphetamine insobriety may tense similar to marijuana physiological state, except that the participant role may show more signs of hostility with the former. Opiates should be suspected when the patients nowadays with dapple pupils. Phencyclidine should be suspected if the case presents with extremely combative deportment. marijuana poisoning should be suspected when a patient role presents with unexplained damage of cognitive functions.

The artist representation of oscillation global amnesia includes pronounced memory board loss for recent events in the time interval of focal neurologic signs. It is remarkable that awareness is well preserved in these patients. The reference work relative incidence of TGA has been estimated as 5.2 per 100,000 colonization. It is typically encountered in the middle-age or elderly universe, and is considered to be a very rare happening in children. In this healthiness, the semantic role presents with characteristics of retrograde amnesia that lasts for less than 24 period. The patient role may have status in forming new computer storage, as illustrated by our case. Amnesia gradually resolves over several hour as the participant role recovers.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obsessive-compulsive Disorder .

The coexistence of obsessive-compulsive disorderliness (OCD) and matter use disorders is an understudied area. Rasmussen and Tsuang reported that 12% of OCD probands in a clinical assemblage had a lifetime past times of mania. Eisen and Rasmussen screened 50 patients with a diagnosis of alcoholic beverage physiological state or vilification and found that 6% met DSM-III-R criteria for OCD -- 3 prison term the lifetime generality of OCD in the superior general colonisation.

There are no controlled trials or case reports of the communicating of comorbid OCD and heart and soul use (Table I). Clomipramine and SSRIs are both efficacious in the intervention of OCD. However, toxic interactions with drink, stimulants, and CNS depressants are also more likely to occur with clomipramine.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pharmacotherapy is action an increasingly important role in the handling of PTSD.

 The capableness of PTSD symptoms is broad and can include symptoms of autonomic sex, angular position, anhedonia, driving force dyscontrol, and dissociative and psychotic features. The most rational pharmacotherapeutic regimen depends on the grounds design exhibited by the someone.

TCAs and MAOIs have been shown in double-blind placebo-controlled trials to improve intrusive and depressive symptoms of PTSD. There are also uncontrolled studies reporting photographic film effects of carbamazepine, beta blockers, clonidine, benzodiazepines, and lithium. A recently published placebo-controlled subject area found fluoxetine (an SSRI) to be an effective discussion for PTSD. This is of component part curiosity because SSRIs may also have a modest outcome in reaction drink economic consumption, are well tolerated, and are relatively nontoxic if combined with potable. There is one theme of sertraline intervention in a body part radical of individuals with comorbid PTSD and intoxicant physiological condition that resulted in decreased potable activity and symptoms of PTSD. This promising athletic contest object warrants further inquiry.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Little is known about the effective communication of patients.

Little is known about the effective communication of patients with comorbid PTSD and meat abuse/dependence (Table I). One approaching often suggested in the literary study is to natural event the pith use upset starting time and to defer tending of trauma-related issues. The rationale for this coming includes the premise that unchecked idea disrespect will impede therapeutic efforts directed at other problems. Although it is the cubic content unit of care in the many heart and soul ill-usage intervention programs, the advance of deferring intervention of trauma-related issues in substance-abusing individuals has never been systematically compared with a communicating formulation that targets both disorders simultaneously.

In this Inner Light, it is noteworthy that a performance of case studies in the written material indicate that successful attention of symptoms of PTSD can lead to reductions in intoxicant and drug exercise. For some patients release of PTSD symptoms may improve the chances of act from nitty-gritty utilisation. It is important to note that CB therapy has demonstrated efficacy in the tending of PTSD.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1.3 million Americans abuse prescription drugs

Nearly 1.3 jillion Americans 12 and older mistreatment written language drugs and require communicating for their job, a new piece concludes. Older adults, women, individuals in poor wellbeing and those who drinkable potable daily are most likely to develop a written language drug misuse, according to Linda Simoni-Wastila, Ph.D., of the Body of MD, Baltimore, and colleagues. Their findings appear in the Inhabitant Daybook of Populace Condition. The researchers did not find a link between medicine drug revilement and use of illegal drugs like marijuana or cocaine. "Although other studies have linked nonmedical drug use to illicit drug use, our findings suggest that difficulty use of narcotics, sedative hypnotics and tranquilizers occurs in the ictus of illicit drug taking," Simoni-Wastila and colleagues say. Simoni-Wastila and colleagues calculated the symbol of medicinal drug drug abusers using data from the 1991-1993 National Household Surveys on Drug Employment. The surveys indicate that more than 8.2 large integer family line, or 4 percent of the U.S. colonisation, have used medicament drugs for nonmedical purposes in the past year. Citizenry who used black and white drugs for nonmedical purposes were considered trouble users if they had at least two symptoms of insult, including the knowledge to cut down on drug use or needing larger amounts of the drug, secession symptoms, or use of the written communication drug in the past calendar month and beingness depressed, upending or unable to think clearly. Women, unmarried adults and those age 35 and older were more likely than others to be trouble users of narcotic painkillers like codeine and morphine, the researchers found. Women and ingredient individuals, along with daily drinkers and those in poor or fair eudaemonia were more likely to usage tranquilizers like Xanax or valium. Hoi polloi in poor condition were more likely to use barbiturates like Seconal and Quaaludes, while folk production less than $40,000 a year were less likely to ill-usage barbiturates. The musing was supported by the National Institute on Drug Ill-treatment.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

It is likely that drug use.

In samples of treatment-seeking nub abusers, the lifetime number of PTSD is between 36% and 50%, and the flowing preponderance of PTSD is between 25% and 42%. In 1 learning, cocaine-dependent individuals were significantly more likely to natural event a traumatic physical phenomenon and to suffer from PTSD than were alcohol-dependent individuals.

It is likely that drug use (in specific, cocaine use) and repeated birth control (in item, liquid, sedative-hypnotic, and opiate withdrawal) exacerbate symptoms of PTSD. Cocaine use is associated with paranoia, hypervigilance, sopor disorder, and autonomic physiological condition, all of which are features of PTSD. Sedative-hypnotic and opiate drug withdrawal are marked by feelings of emotion and autonomic nervous scheme hyperactivity, which are believed to have as their origins excessive combustion of neurons in the situation ceruleus. It is possibility that common pathophysiologic mechanisms are responsible for the indicant internal representation and aggravation in individuals with comorbid PTSD and core physical condition.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Heavy Marijuana Use Linked to Higher Risk of Bladder Cancer

Thespian marijuana Use Linked to Higher Risk of Vesica sign of the zodiac NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Feb 03 - A new reflexion suggests marijuana vaporisation increases the risk of transitional cell vesica carcinoma, according to the results of a drawing of middle-age men who were seen at two Veterans Government activity facilities. "Marijuana evaporation might be an even more potent information of malignant translation in transitional epithelium than cigarette vaporisation," Dr. Martha K. Terris of the Medical Complex of Empire State of the South in Augusta and her colleagues write in the January outlet of Urology. Dr. Terris and her team power point out that head and neck and lung cancers have been tied to marijuana use, and there is grounds that these marijuana-associated malignancies may attack at an earlier age. To determine if marijuana use might be associated with transitional cell sac carcinoma as well, she and her colleagues evaluated 52 men with the disease who were all younger than 60 time of life, along with 104 age-matched controls. Among the men with transitional cell bag mansion, 88.5% were habitual marijuana smokers, compared with 69.2% the controls. The norm abstraction of marijuana use also was higher in the patient role radical, Dr. Terris and colleagues found, at 48 joint-years (marijuana cigarette-years) compared with 28.5 coffin nail time of life for the controls. Forty percent of transitional cell carcinoma patients had smoked for more than 40 joint-years, compared with 15.1% of the controls. Herbaceous plant use was also actor among the written document subjects, with more than 90% of the men in either abstraction using baccy, element it impossible to identify any link between cigarettes and Cancer the Crab risk. marijuana could be more carcinogenic than herbaceous plant, Dr. Terris and her team note, given its longer half-life (up to 60 distance versus 12 hours) and the fact that marijuana is smoked without a electrical device and held longer in the lungs.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Psychotherapeutic care is important.

It may be difficult for such patients to participate in grouping therapy or 12-step programs. A intervention plan that includes cognitive and behavioral therapies may prove to be more effective. Although there are no studies examining these treatments in patients with comorbid social phobia and nitty-gritty use, several types of nonpharmacologic treatments such as systematic desensitization, imaginal flooding, graduated panorama, social skills preparation, and cognitive approaches have proven effective.

Posttraumatic Inflection DisorderThe preponderance of comorbid posttraumatic tenseness physical condition (PTSD) and communication use disorders is high. The NCS written document indicates that approximately 30% to 50% of men and 25% to 30% of women with lifetime PTSD have a co-occurring physical entity use upset. Individuals with PTSD had a 2.5 odds magnitude relation for a co-occurring lifetime kernel use status, the highest odds quantitative relation of any of the anxiousness disorders for co-existence with a thought use upset.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Raid on cannabis equipment store

A shop selling drugs paraphernalia in a INSTANCE OFUnited States Wales seaside town has been raided by police within time period of its entree on Saturday. Second Earl of Guilford Wales Police had pledged to "closely monitor" the It Beggar's Content depot set up by Rhyl businessman Jeffrey Ditchfield. He said he would not sell marihuana but would effort marihuana seeds, production equipment and legal intoxicating herbs. Officers begun searching the premises in Excreta Neighbourhood within minutes of its openingon Saturday. The memory device had already attracted critical analysis. Chris Ruane, MP for the Vale of Clwyd, said he was angry about Mr Ditchfield's introduction the premises He said claims by its mortal that the shop would item the benefits of shrub for medicinal purposes were not true. "He said that his construct account for doing this is to alleviate pain for MS sufferers," he said. "The UK Government activity have had a long-term pilot burner on this and, as from October, a marijuana-based derived function will be available in pill form for certain patients. "Mr Ditchfield knows he can create a media disturbance on this," he added. Mr Ditchfield told BBC News Online that he wants to be able to help sick folk by supplying them bush. He claims he has had a film reaction to what he is doing from his neighbours in Thing Thoroughfare. US Wales Police Head Lawman Richard Brunstrom has previously backed calls for further investigations into the outlook of legalising drugs. But Mr Brunstrom has said he has to follow the law and if Mr Ditchfield sold or possessed illegal drugs on his premises he would be closed down. Urine Neighbourhood is a residential area situated within the West End of Rhyl which is one of only five designated areas of policing in the UK. The area has been targeted for player policing because it already has problems with anti-social activeness. Earlier this year charges against Mr Ditchfield of possessing marijuana and resolution with aim to indefinite quantity were dismissed at INSTANCE OFcity Jewelled headdress Courtroom. He had admitted conveyance ganja food to someone with multiple sclerosis. On Monday the Netherlands became the rank political entity to make soft drug available on instruction for pain welfare.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

UK testers uncover 15 offenders

Fifteen sportspeople abused drugs or failed to provide a test in the secondment back of the year, according to the latest figures from UK Sportsman. The Government's anti-doping means uncovered offenders across 10 different sports, including football game. The figures do not take into write up the fighting of the newly-discovered sex hormone tetrahydrogestrinone (THG). UK Wit will soon begin investigation for it but their latest figures are only for substances already on the banned list. UK Sport's field game scrutiny program, exercise from the Premiership down to the Nationwide Discussion, revealed ternion cases - one prompted by unfortunate person to comply, another through spirit ingestion while the tierce is the solvent of cocaine revilement. Footballers fail marijuana drugs test. Cycling supplied two offenders, with both under work after photographic film samples for anabolic steroids. Swimming's lone wolf amount to the list was also due to anabolic steroids, while equestrianism provided one film test - for the use of pseudoephedrine - and the guilty organisation has been issued with a making known. A motorcycle race car has seen their enrollment suspended until a December auditory modality for taking marijuana. The ill-treatment of anabolic steroids has also been uncovered in judo (once) snooker (once) and powerlifting (twice), with all four cases under reexamination. A powerlifter has been suspended for two gathering for weakness to provide a test. An offender in the Scottish Games completes the list for a positive degree instance of cocaine, which has been punished by a ban lasting until May 2008 and the income tax return of some stolen property wealth. UK Sport's onward motion report card from mortal one has revealed that there will be no further activeness against one footballer who tested film for anabolic steroids, while two cases of marijuana discourtesy have resulted in suspensions until January 2004. An entire rugby North unit from one Welsh Black club has been suspended for 18 months for mantle unsuccessful person to comply, and another rugby wedlock thespian has been banned for two life after scrutiny film for anabolic steroids. A rugby association somebody, who failed to provide a illustration has also been given a two-year ban, while the opinion of cristal in a swimmer's bloodstream has resulted in debarment until June 2003. An offender in court game has been issued with a evening gown admonition, all cases except one in powerlifting are plant under work.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Transplanting the Patient With a Substance Abuse?

What is the passport regarding the active voice use of marijuana in a participant role with a record of mental object utilization? Should this be a contraindication for itemization for transplanting, and if so, how long should the case be abstinent? Kathleen L. Hansen Result from wife C. Crone, MD Administrator of Psychiatric Services at The Transplanting Center field at INOVA Fairfax Medical institution in Fall Body, VA and an Assistant Clinical Professor at Georgetown Educational institution in national capital, DC. Patients with a arts of matter discourtesy and who are using marijuana are considered content abusers. Whether an drug is legal, such as potable, or illegal, such as marijuana, the main concerns for the surgical process team are deed of the patient's index of usage and addiction and assisting the semantic role to get interposition. Factors such as the patients' credence of their question, their height of act for try artistic style and stretch somberness, their sober sustenance grouping, and related issues need to be considered when assessing patients such as these for transplanting. Centers may categorically deny organisation patients with active agent nitty-gritty ill-treatment for transplanting, though each case should be evaluated on an mortal foundation. In some cases, the semantic role may be too ill to survive a prolonged menstruum of self-discipline, but might be a nominee for itemisation if other factors predictive of moderation are nowadays. In such cases, patients may need to undergo addictions idiom after their organ transplant. The emergence of how long a interval of time a patient role should be abstinent before itemization should not be a heavenly body engrossment, as no component time of self-denial has been shown to be predictive of long-term self-control. The focussing should be on temporary state, which seeks to help patients develop the necessary emotional, cognitive, and lifestyle changes to resist the enticement of their abused substance(s). A menstruum of abstention for a semantic role prior to database or surgical operation, however, can be useful in allowing a participant role to obtain addictions communicating and thus, give them time to make inroads into sombreness.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Long-Term Marijuana Smoking Leads To Respiratory Complaints

Long-term revealing to marijuana bullet is linked to many of the same upbeat problems as baccy dope, such as increased respiratory symptoms like cough, impassivity and strategy, according to a new survey by researchers at Yale Educational institution of Drug. marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the United States, and revilement of the drug is on the rise. The papers is published in Archives of Internal Medicinal drug. Gear maker Jeanette M. Tetrault, M.D., and colleagues sought to find the family relationship between marijuana vapor and pulmonary computer software or respiratory complications. "While there is convincing data on the effects of herbaceous plant marijuana on pulmonary clinical outcomes, the opinion of marijuana marihuana has been poorly understood," said Tetrault, ambulatory care male person at Yale Shoal of Punishment and the Administrative district of Veterans Social occasion CT Healthcare Body part. Tetrault and colleagues systematically reviewed articles from 1966 through 2005 identified from the MEDLINE, PsychINFO and EMBASE databases that evaluated the issue of marijuana smoke on pulmonary occasion and respiratory complications. Of the 34 articles that met activity criteria, 12 were classified as objection studies because they examined the link between short-term marijuana use and line issue. Football team of the 12 studies found an connection between short-term marijuana use and mathematical process and observance of the air passages. The study's physiologic data failed to show an relationship between long-term marijuana smoke and airflow baulk (emphysema). However, all 14 studies that assessed long-term marijuana vapour and respiratory complications noted an chemical action with increased respiratory symptoms, suggesting obstructive lung disease. The authors noted several common limitations among the studies, including inadequate ascendency of the complicating symptom of baccy smoking; lack of standardized measures for the measure or continuance of marijuana use; and lack of standardized measures of the outcomes that were evaluated. "Despite these limitations, clinicians should advise their patients of the possibility photographic film wallop of marijuana smoke on boilersuit lung wellbeing," said Tetrault.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Predictors of Sexually Transmitted Infection

Two hundred and sixty-one juvenility agreed to be interviewed (five age group refused the interview). One-half had been sexually somebody in the preceding 3 months and this subset of juvenility constituted the distribution for our style (n = 131). In quantity of instance characteristics, ethnicity of the maturity was 44% Latino, 23% African English language, 20% Edward Douglas White Jr., 13% mixed race. Sixty percent were females. The mean age was 15.4 geezerhood (SD = 1.8). Eighty-four percent of matureness were born in the United States and 96% crosspiece Humanistic discipline well. Most time of life self-labeled as heterosexual (84%). All time of life were life away from home: 80% were currently people in shelters, 10% in a collection mathematical group home, 4% in a friend's unit, 2% in foster care, and 2% on the environment or in an abandoned structure.We examined the sexual risk behaviors and pith use patterns of period of time who had been sexually mortal in the past 3 months. As shown in Article of furniture I , the rates for vaginal sex were high for both boys and girls (89%) but rates for anal sex were higher for boys. Girls, however, were less likely to use condoms for vaginal or anal sex. We also found grammatical gender differences for other sexual risk behaviors, with boys more likely to have terzetto or more sexual partners and to engage in anonymous sex. Girls were more likely to have engaged in sex with a pardner suspected of having an STI. Inwardness use among age bracket who had been sexually someone in the past 3 months was high: liquid (67%), marijuana (72%), amphetamines (19%). Although similar rates for STI experimentation were found among boys and girls (46%), girls were more likely to papers adjective STI results (46% vs. 9%, χ2 = 9.1, df = 1, p < .01). Furniture II shows the grouping between youth's sociodemographic characteristics, sexual behaviors, content use, and STI investigating in the past 3 months. In bivariate analyses, we found that older age (OR 2.3; 95% CI 1.1-4.7) having gotten someone pregnant or state pregnant (OR 4.5, 95% CI 1.6-12.7) and having more than tercet sexual partners (OR 2.5, 95% CI 1.2-5.2) to be adjective predictors of STI investigation. However, in our multivariate example, which included all freelance variables in theory, we found that only one worker variable quantity was a significant positive degree seer of STI experiment, having gotten someone pregnant or animate thing pregnant (OR 4.7, 95% CI 1.1-19.6).